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Business sponsorship and supporting your local sports club

15 Feb 2022

There are lots of benefits to sponsoring a local sports club. These aren’t just the obvious financial assistance the club gets either. But before we start let’s look at the types pf commercial sponsorship a business could get involved in and what the sponsorship benefits are to the club.

Individuals sponsorships such as sponsoring a player could involve displaying your logo, or they can wear a particular brand to promote it. These types of sponsorship deals can cover the individuals costs to play.

  • Club sponsorship can involve your logo on the team kits, display banners on the ground, social media posts and posts on the clubs website promoting your business. You can even pay to have name the clubs ground after your business,  or for a area, the ground. The club can benefit with funds to help payoff new kit, grounds or clubhouse maintenance.
  • Most sports clubs have junior and senior age groups. Opting to sponsor either can help promote your business by having your name on multiple team kits. If your business is child focussed, then sponsoring the junior section would reinforce your brand positioning. The sponsorship fee can also help pay for equipment and improve facilities. This can even pay for coaching and coach development.
  • Event sponsorship – most sport clubs have public events to help raise money and awareness. These high profile events can be anything from a beer festival which attracts people from all over the local area to an open day. Sponsoring and event will help cover the costs involved in holding the event, such as paying for catering and any publicity needed through by promoting through your own social channels
  • Equally there are many disadvantages for sport sponsorship. They can be limited or easily withdrawn – no security. High value sponsorship is only available to some clubs which gives them an unfair advantage. There can also be difficulty for sports that lack the popularity of the bigger ones like football.

But let’s look at what a small business offer a local sports club with there business sponsorship? Also, what are these benefits of sponsorship for the small business?

So how do business sponsorships work?

Although smaller, local causes, such as a sports team, may have less opportunities for product or brand placement, these sponsorships can be highly beneficial to your company from a corporate social responsibility standpoint or those that have a local target audience. Community sports clubs – like Stand – often rely on sponsorship donations so they can help raise funds to cover running costs and provide a community service such as low cost sports activities for children.

By sponsoring the club or an event the club holds you can:

  • Raise awareness and boost the brand awareness of your company in the local area by increasing brand recognition. This can happen through mentions in the press or social media and event advertising.
  • You can promote your product and services of the business to the local community.
  • It promotes a positive and healthy image of their company by linking it with a sporting activity
  • It can improve a company’s reputation in the local area because the company is supporting a local not for profit sport club.
  • sponsorship can spread the positive messages by strengthening your company’s image. People typically enjoy supporting brands that invest in their local community. Sponsorship can also attract media attention and inspire brand loyalty.
  • It can help reduce corporation tax

Aside from the obvious physical brand awareness sponsorship can bring, from a marketing angle it can also be used to expand the business online content strategy and drive new traffic to your website, by promoting your involvement in a sports club, event or activity, you can drive traffic. In addition, you will be able to promote your association to a sports club, event, or activity by posting content themes, hashtags, video content, and community outreach.

You can find out what the club and supporters groups are doing locally, and promote these. Also, create content to get people excited about their clubs and events, and engage with fans.

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